About Us


Malibu Muse

Malibu Muse was founded in 2008 by Deborah Hildebrand. She is a writer, producer, director, designer and manager with a life-long mission to inspire, guide, and watch over the arts and artists.  


She has done just that with her 25-plus years working in the arts.  With a degree in Interior Design, she began her career designing the interiors of her clients' homes, and then segued into creating and producing events for them.     

Deborah was also a founding team member that helped create the first digital on-demand publishing company on the internet with Apple computers and Xerox.  On-demand publishing was not yet on the horizon until this company was rolled out by Deborah and her marketing team in August, 1999.  

After an almost two-year run at publishing, Deborah left to start her own company , My Creative Muse, Inc. in Florida, where she produced and directed events, 2- and 3-D animation, websites, and videos for clients, along with her staff of five.   As a past board member of the Florida Motion Picture and Television Association (FMPTA), Deborah produced Orlando Ready to Roll for then-mayor Glenda Hood.  She also produced, funded, and cast the television pilot Young Explorers Club for Disney.  

As a founding member of the Jack Kerouac Writers Festival, she helped raise money to buy Jack's Florida home and turn it into a writer-in-residence program that is still fully funded and hosting authors to this day.  


Next Chapter Hollywood

In 2005, Deborah made the move to Los Angeles, where she co-founded a new company, Mack Muse Entertainment a management and feature film development co,.  With several managers working with her, their roster of clients climbed to 40-plus, including Ron Gilbert (Ugly Betty, Desperate Housewives, Godfather), Wendi McLendon-Covey (Reno 911, Cook-Off, The Office, Bridesmaids, Goldbergs), Scotty Brown (Million Dollar Listing), Michael Hartson (Dawson Creek, Numbers, Bloodline, Hidden Figures ), Brad Ayres, Director (Run, Baby, Run), numerous award-winning commercials, and the best Christian music-video of the year 2007.  Others included Andrew Sheerer, Director (Son Up - Award-winning short film) that Deborah took to the Cannes Film Festival, which was packaging for the feature film.   

Deborah founded Malibu Muse in 2008 in Malibu Ca.  Additional clients and past-clients include Walter von Heune, director and dialect coach (Happy Days, Parenthood, Pretty Woman, Swamp Thing, Ancient Warriors, Terminator 3, End of Days, The Last Stand). Deborah has worked with Walter for years on several projects including his red carpet premier of Ancient Warriors. She considers Walter one of her favorite film mentors. In addition, she produced and art-directed the My Mind video of international reggae star O-shen, and packaged and funded director Sean Fisher's film Metaphysia 2012.     

Writers who consulted with Deborah with their scripts and books include Andrew Sheerer and Nick Sherman, whose screenplay won Nichols 2007 and Cinequest 2006 screenplay competition.  Son Up also won over 30 awards for the short film. Deborah's client Dylan Daniels' script, For the Love of Bunny, was optioned by Michael Shane (I Robot, Catch Me if you Can) along with Deborah and was put into pre-production with executive producers Hugh Heffner and Jason Burns Playboy Enterprises and director Chris Duddy (Total Recall, True Lies, The Abyss, Cougar Club).     

Deborah produced and directed a television pilot for the Wanderlust about Travel.  Even though the studios passed, the experience of shooting and directing all over Cannes, Amsterdam and Paris proved invaluable to her. Deborah also spent a few years traveling and working on her passion project, which she directed, edited and interviewed some of the biggest names in surfing with Surf Shack TV which is still seeking distrubution.  

Deborah is currently settled back in to Malibu after years of traveling and is back to business.