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Malibu Muse is a film development & artists management co.

Malibu Muse offers creative solutions for artists, including photographers, writers, directors, and actors. We offer creative management services to help you achieve your goals by connecting you with target markets and industry contacts.

Muse Muse

Malibu Muse was founded by Deborah Hildebrand as a way to inspire, guide, and creatively connect projects and people worldwide.  With over 30 years working in the creative arts and film industry, Deborah has held the title of publisher, writer, designer, director, marketing director, and artists manager.  She has helped people publish their books, booked actors for film and tv roles, funded films, and executed branding and marketing for businesses, film festivals, and individuals. Acting as your muse, Malibu Muse will help you accomplish your artistic endeavors with knowledge and vision. Along with her team of artists, Deborah works to get you ready for the marketplace whether it's for , booking auditions, submitting projects to studios and production companies or simply helping you break through. Malibu Muse is here for you to reach your creative destiny.  

We are all Unique

Every individual has unique expectations, therefore, Malibu Muse sets an initial meeting to discover who you are and how we can best serve your creative film and entertainmnt goals.  It's called the entertainment business because art and film are a business so let's create a sucessful one together.

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Artists Management

Script Development 

Project Submission to Studios and Production companies. 

Film and TV Business Plan

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Malibu Muse offers management of directors



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Film, TV and Media Projects

55 Movie


#55 is an international surf drug caper twisted with a modern day Australian Romeo and American Juliet love affair. 

Blonde Bombshell Movie


Men loved her, women wanted to be her and someone wanted her silenced!

In an effort to save his marriage, photographer Norman Jones, reluctantly agrees to undergo regression therapy unlocking more than his fear of fathering a child.

Wally and Olga


True Life rights to the story of Wally and Olga Thrasher.  Wally was a southern drug smuggler during in the late 70's and early 80’s . His operation was busted up from a plane crash in VA that left one man dead and 30 pounds of pot that was seized . Wally went on the run and his wife Olga went to jail but was released to work as a cartel informant.  Wally has been featured on Americas most wanted twice and to this day has not been found.  Olga is now telling their story after 30 years.

Chasing the White Rabbit


Under Virginia law, every conviction requires proof of corpus delicti, the Latin term for body of a crime. 

Gracie Noels returns home to her rural Virginia small college town to attend her 20th class reunion. There she faces the unforgotten death of a college coed in 1979 and how she spent an unforgettable summer trying to find the body. Chasing the clues of the murder by following a white rabbit she discovered buried truths, sex, drugs and a trip to a mental hospital.  

The Return of Montana


Déjà vu, Have you ever felt like you've experienced a place or a person in time before?    

When Mercedes encounters Bret Lucas she feels as if she knows him. Mercedes unhappy in her marriage goes for regression therapy after meeting Bret. During her regression she experiences a lifetime during the 1863 Montana gold rush, where she was a madam and lover of Sheriff Henry Plummer. Henry was the first law enforcement officer hung for organize crime in America along with his gang of Road Agents. Mercedes now aware of who Bret was in a past life must help uncover a murder in her present life through clues from a past long forgotten.   



While playing in space, angels Gabriel, Shauna, & Sadie get caught in a magical spell that lands them in the counyside of Ireland. Searching for a way home, they find themselves trapped in a battle for the throne between twin sisters: one — the Good Queen and the other — the Evil Sorceress.  In the end the legion of Angels reunite the Kingdom in peace and harmony. 

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